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The Revolutionary Student App That Uses A Simple, Yet
Insanely Effective System To Help
You Enhance Your Memorization Skills, Improve
Your Grades And Pass Your Examinations
With Flying Colors – Guaranteed!

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Dear Student,
Which of the following statements describe you best?

Ambitious and goal-oriented
A keenness to discover new things
A desire to get excellent grades, pass your exams with top marks and graduate with a solid education
A determination to succeed in life

If you ticked any of the four options given above (or all of them), it’s obvious you’re serious about being a great student and enhancing your learning abilities.


Well, we’ve got some great news for you! In just a moment, we’re going to reveal to you the best tool that can help you achieve these goals in the shortest possible time.

Allow us to introduce you to…

Pass The Exam!!® - The Great Smartphone App That’s
Fast Becoming A Student’s Best-Kept Secret
To Astonishing Success In Education…

Pass The Exam !! is a slick smart application running on every iPhone or Android device. Created in cooperation with educationists and eminent psychologists, this program allows you to increase your memorization skills, boost your exam success rates and fast-track your skills in learning easily, quickly and effortlessly.

What’s more, this amazing app uses a FUN and extremely powerful system that is virtually guaranteed to produce goals in just a few days.

To elaborate…

Pass The Exam uses the power of FLASHCARDS to aid you become a better student; in other words, it helps you transform yourself from an ‘average-grade’ student into a ‘top-of-the-class’ genius.

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Here’s A Quick Glance At Some Of The Advantages Of Using Pass The Exam!!®

Edit personal text flashcards in every language
Allows you to simulate exams so you are going to be fully prepared for the coming examinations!
Included with a cutting edge text to speech feature. Simply convert your text into spoken words!
Make some pictures of your book pages or study material and create multi-media flashcards (add up to 4 pix)!
Enables you to translate cards or text into words from several different languages
Artificial intelligence; the program recognizes your weaknesses and chooses flashcards accordingly to maximize your learning efficiency - Train anywhere, anytime
Record and add audios on your flash cards
Create category folder suited to your needs. Personalize and organize it.
Learn motion sequences with videos – simply add/record them on any flashcards!
Create easily flashcards on every computer. The only thing you need is Internet access and then download it to your mobile device (Android based phone, iPhone)!
Maximize your studiyng efficiency and monitor your learning progress with the aid of statistics
Allows you to share your flashcards with any iPhone or Android user you want to in order to safe time.
Turn any spreadsheet like Excel charts into cards – Simply with a push of a button!
Get free updates + the ability of support, lifetime :)

You should have a look at our tutorials to know what you can expect!

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